2015, Mediaworkers A/S (1)

SAP to EpiServer integration for dssmithwebshop.dk


Customer: Mediaworkers A/S
Project: dssmithwebshop.dk

DS Smith Denmark is part of the publically traded company DS Smith Plc. Based in United Kingdom. It is DS Smith’s ambition to provide a feature rich b-2-b e-commerce platform where customers can order and reorder items, which automatically will be synchronized into DS Smith’s existing SAP platform for processing. It is a complex domain as DS Smith produce both of-the-shelf packing solutions but also customer specific variations and unique packing solutions. This is all maintained in SAP and should be represented in the b-2-b e-commerce platform. EpiServer and EpiServer Commerce was chosen as web platform.

”Thomas took responsibility for the development and design of the SAP-EPiServer integration and other parts of the project, midway. With a professional and dedicated attitude he was a major player in adding structure in a complex codebase, by introducing best-practices code methodologies and unit tests in a critical part of the system. He was also a major part in redefining the integration specification in corporation with the customer. These contributions has directly increased quality and robustness of the solution. As a dedicated developer Thomas always keep focus on high quality, efficiency and robustness of the solution in at hand."

Bjarke Bliksted Andersen
Project manager, commerce team, Mediaworkers A/S


Over a period of six months I worked closely with Mediaworkers A/S, who is the technical solution stakeholder on the project, alongside multiple international partners to design and implement functionality which receive data from SAP and publishes it in EpiServer. As SAP could generate data spikes with updates to more than 20.000 items at once, a queue on the receiving end was needed to absorb these spikes. Error handling was also a major concern as this would cause the two systems to be out of sync. Manual work processes was designed for all error cases. Some might be automatized at a later point.


The result is a very modern and robust self-service b-2-b e-commerce platform. Customers can do much of the work needed to order items at the time when it suits the customer and without any involvement from DS Smith. Given the amount of items that DS Smith provide it would be highly unrealistic to maintain the e-commerce platform manually. It would simply be too much duplicate work and prone to too many human errors.

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