2015, Mediaworkers A/S (2)

E-Commerce to ERP integration for iblaursen.dk


Customer: Mediaworkers A/S
Project: iblaursen.dk

Being one of Scandinavia’s biggest wholesale suppliers of home decoration items, with a reseller network all over the world, Ib Laursen is in a unique position to take advantage of online b-2- b sale. This required deep integrations with existing ERP and PIM solutions. As Ib laursen’s reseller network span across multiple currencies and multiple languages a unique set of challenges was to be solved in order to give customers the best possible experience.

”Thomas took part of the final implementation of the webshop to Ib Laursen. With only limited overview of the project, Thomas contributed by focusing on key isolated functionalities with only limited support from the remaining team. After project delivery, Thomas also played an active role in maintenance of the solution, and have played a key role in increasing performance."

Bjarke Bliksted Andersen
Project manager, commerce team, Mediaworkers A/S


Over a period of two months I worked closely with Mediaworkers A/S, who is the technical solution stakeholder on the project, to design and implement functionality which takes orders placed in the EpiServer commerce system to Ib Laursen’s internal ERP system. The solution was a scheduled task that keep track of which orders has been synchronized and which has not. Processed and shipped orders was sent from internal systems back to EpiServer automatically so reseller partners, via a login, could see previous orders.


The solution was set into production in mid 2015 and is running automatically with very little supervision. It enables Ib Laursen to position themselves closer to their reseller partners as each partner interacts with Ib Laursen through the partner login. Many parts of this integration is fully automatized which also makes orders much less prone to errors.

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