2015, WhiteAway.com

Webshop BI data model for WhiteAway.com


As Denmark’s largest online white goods reseller, fast and accurate feedback data is key for WhiteAway. Among other things, WhiteAway wanted to further strengthen their ability to automate complex data transformations from multiple sources into a single easy-to-access source. Multiple types of data models with different purposes had to be taken into consideration in order to make the most generic solution possible.

”Throughout the entire process, Thomas has been open minded and solution oriented. His work has helped us to get one step closer to a more consolidated and analysable data feed."

Tommy Petersen
Controller, BI Specialist, WhiteAway


Over a period or three months, I worked in close collaboration with WhiteAway’s in-house BI team on developing a data model that could convert complex and unstructured data into analysable structured datasets. The solution was a prototype programmed in C# in which the concepts of data transformation was demonstrated.


The prototype was handed over to the WhiteAway BI team which has  integrated the model in their existing suite of tools. The result is an automated data delivery service which provides valuable data to the BI team.

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